CreateINNES – Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Business Skills Development in Cultural and Creative Industries Sector

The CreateINNES project aims to develop an innovative training online programme based on combination of special seminars combined with co-creation sessions that will turn the European creative economy placements into a learning environment for entrepreneurial skills in CCI sector and specifically in visual communication sector. Creative industry is based on individual creativity, skills and talent…

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GEE – Green Entrepreneurs Europe

GEE (Green Entrepreneurs Europe) is an ERASMUS+ project, developed by 11 partners from 5 European countries – UK, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria. The project aims to develop the competencies of schools and teachers to provide meaningful entrepreneurship learning for the green economy. A sense of initiative and entrepreneurship is an essential transversal skill identified…

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Large Scale Risks

Large Scale RISKs – Risk management in large-scale infrastructures in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area

INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme The main idea of the project is the concept that the precondition for risk management strategies is to build a comprehensive understanding of existing vulnerabilities, hazards and potential calculated risks. This is one of the legacies of the Communist era – both in Bulgaria and Romania – that important large-scale infrastructure…

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CREATWIN – Improving the workforce mobility and employment in cultural and creative industries from the RO-BG cross-border area

INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme The project aims to improve some of the situations identified as problems within the programming documents for INTERREG V-A RO-BG, namely the “deficits in creative industries”, the “brain drain of young and creative talents”, the “insufficiently explored and recognized potential of creative industries for the economy and the competitiveness of the…

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DiTEM – Digital Transformation of European Micro enterprises

The major objective of this project is to develop a Training Tool to allow European Micro Enterprises (MEs) to take up the Digital Transformation. The focus will be mainly on social media, big data, mobile and cloud solutions, in order to facilitate the acquisition of e-leadership skills by staff of micro enterprises in Europe. The…

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CaPabiLiTy – Career Paths to Youth Labor Mobility

INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme The project tackles the high level of unemployment among people with higher education as a common challenge in the CBC area. Area surveys estimate that only 57% of the university graduates find jobs home but 95% of them have never searched for a job across the Danube due to barriers as:…

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PONICS VET: Hydroponics Agricultural Technician

The core concept of the PONICS project is to build up an innovative professional profile, the hydroponics technician. It responds to the increase in employment demand, new job opportunities for young people and solutions for targeting the Green Economy request for more sustainable professionalisms and export competences at transnational level. Main purpose is to build…

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ENGINE – Cyber security for European SME’s

The general objective of the ENGINE project is to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs giving them the skills they need to defend themselves against cyber-attacks and boosting blockchain tech use in SMEs. ENGINE project aims at building an innovative training course tailor made to the needs of employees and entrepreneurs in SMEs. The methodology…

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SAGA – Social And GAstronomic entreprenuership in empty Europe

Reducing inequalities, ensuring economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth with focus on co-creation for growth and inclusion, by engaging citizens, social partners, public authorities, businesses including SMEs, and social entrepreneurs, are key for the future of Europe. SAGA aims to contribute to reducing inequalities, ensure economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth…

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Storylines – Stories about competitiveness in European enterprises

Проектът има за цел да разработи новаторски учебни материали, насочени към централния елемент на веригата: корпоративния разказвач. Проектът има за цел да осигури обучение за професионално образование и обучение, което да подпомогне МСП и мениджъра за подобряване на техните компетенции и използване на потенциала за разказване на истории. Също така, този проект има за цел да осигури професионално образование и обучение за нискоквалифицирани / безработни, като им покаже как разказването на истории може лесно да се превърне в мощна възможност за кариера и растеж.

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KIDS – A unique travelling concept in the RO-BG area for children and their families

Проектът цели разработване на три туристически пакета, включващи обекти и забележителности от трансграничната румъно-българска зона. Основната група от потребители, към която е насочен са семейства с деца и техните специфични нужди при организацията на фамилните им пътувания. Основаните дейности са насочени към популяризирането и повишаване на стойността на природното и културно наследство от трансграничния регион.

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Craft 4.0

Craft 4.0. – Developing the petintial of crafts

Проектът има за цел да създаде обучителни инструменти и изцяло нова партньорска мрежа в сферата на дигиталното моделиране и дигиталното / адитивно /производство. Основната задача на проекта е да: подобри цифровите компетенции в сектора; развие уменията за проектиране и разработване на продукти; подобри процеса на изработка на занаятчийството; увеличи партньорските мрежи на местно и международно ниво и да увеличи ангажираността на клиентите, като целта ще бъде подобряване и развитие на отделните занаятчийски бизнеси.

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