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Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata


Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Basilicata is a key organization that unites businesses in the Southern Italy region. Founded on February 16, 2018, it plays an important role in the support and development of local businesses, focusing on promoting the autonomy and activities of various business associations, professional groups and other social structures. The Chamber focuses its efforts on creating a favorable environment for growth and innovation in all sectors of the economy.

With its autonomy in various aspects of management, the Chamber serves as a bridge between enterprises and various institutions, thereby contributing to the strengthening of the business community. It undertakes initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, supports the development of crafts and agriculture, and actively works to improve the conditions for doing business in the region. Through various programs and projects, the Chamber promotes innovation and sustainable development while providing valuable resources and support for its members.

This organization is an important pillar in the economic development structure of the Basilica, contributing to the creation of a favorable environment for business and promoting cooperation between different economic entities. The Chamber of Commerce continues to be a leading force in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthening the region's economic ties and supporting the growth of local businesses.


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CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technology innovation