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Workshop Innovation Ecosystems Orchestration and Reinforcement: The Role of Business Support Organisations

Online event

Supporting innovation can be challenging as it requires taking into account the unique needs and potential of different agents of innovation, as well as building a culture of collaboration and trust. Unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial ecosystem by joining the ACCELERO project's online workshop on "Coordinating and Strengthening Innovation Ecosystems: The Role of...

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Workshop Transformation through Neurographics: Techniques for coping with work stress

Conference hall of the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsar Ferdinand Blvd. 3A, floor 2, Ruse

Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push either forward or backward, but you choose which direction! Chelsea Erieau Do you realize what is the cause of work stress and anxiety in you/your team? Do you understand exactly what stress is, how it works and how it affects you? What stress management techniques do you know? And what stress management techniques.. .

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National information tour of Sofia Tech Park in Ruse: The path of the entrepreneur

Danube Plaza Hotel Svoboda Square, Ruse

Innobridge Business Innovation Center announces that it is a regional partner and co-organizer of one of the most important events of the year for the entrepreneurial community - the National Information Tour of Sofia Tech Park. This event is part of the tour of the incubation program South East European Innovators Program (SEEIP), which will visit 13 cities in the country, including Ruse. The tour...

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