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Who are we

Our mission and accreditation

Business Innovation Center Innobridge is an organisation to support start-up innovative businesses at the local, regional, and national levels. The working principle of BIC Innobridge follows the methodology and collective experience, applying the know-how of the European Network of Business Innovation Centers (EBN - www.ebn.eu). Currently, this is the first and only officially accredited EU|BIC center for Bulgaria.

Strategic partnerships

BIC Innobridge is proud of its active partner network, which includes regional, national, and international organisations and institutions contributing to the exchange of knowledge and innovation. Through these strategic partnerships, we strengthen our ties with key players in the innovation ecosystem, supporting the development and success of start-ups in Bulgaria and Europe.

ECOLE – Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per L'education – Societa' Consortile a RL

ECOLE – Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per L'education – Societa' Consortile a RL

ASFOR - Italian Association for Management Development logo

ASFOR – Italian Association for Management Development

Budakov Films EOOD

EBN – European Business & Innovation Center Network

EBN – European Business & Innovation Center Network

Association of Entrepreneurs Arbor logo

Association of Entrepreneurs Arbor

Ecosystem Europe Association logo

Ecosystem Europe Association

Current news and latest events from the world of innovation

Upcoming ACCELERO Events

Join the Innovative Events of the ACCELERO Project

Discover the wealth of upcoming events organized by the ACCELERO project, aimed at stimulating innovation and collaboration within European business and innovation ecosystems.

BIC Innobridge is proud to support ACCELERO's initiatives, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and practices among business support organisations. Learn more about our workshops, training sessions, and networking events designed to enrich and accelerate the innovative potential of participants.

Our activities

Stimulating Innovation and Sustainability

Our commitment is to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable regional economic development while investing in human resources through training and career development. We create collaborative networks, promote the 'green economy' and support the innovation transfer process to help existing and start-up businesses realize their potential and contribute to the public good.

Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit

Carrying out activities and initiatives to support innovative entrepreneurship, the development of entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial spirit, improving the environment and pro-innovative infrastructure, as well as the prerequisites for start-up businesses.

"Discovery" of innovative projects and project initiators

Development of projects and initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable regional economic development; implementation of current European policies in the field and region; launching initiatives in the fields of innovation, science, engineering and technology, research, entrepreneurship, environment, sustainable environmental business, and human capital development.

Improving the knowledge and quality of human resources

Assistance in the realization of the full potential of human resources, through the conduct of training and seminars to increase qualifications, knowledge, and skills. Providing assistance related to career development and increasing the competitiveness of human capital.

Mediation between start-ups and existing companies and investors

Organisation of cooperation networks, mechanisms, and partnership systems to support start-ups and existing enterprises; getting to know consultants, business angels, investors, research units, and specialists, as well as organisations and institutions working in the field of innovation.

Promoting the principles of "green economy" and "green thinking"

Contributing to the development of a "green economy", applying approaches to the sustainable use of natural resources, green public procurement, intelligent waste management, sustainable use of resources, sustainable consumption, and production; promoting the application of environmental practices in business.

Transfer and market implementation of innovations

It supports the process of innovation transfer, evaluation, registration, and protection of intellectual property. It contributes to the exchange of good innovative practices, improvement of the interaction between science and business, funding of the research process, and innovative developments until their actual implementation on the market.

Innovative projects sharing knowledge and progress

Take a look at the active and completed projects of Business Innovation Center Innobridge, implemented under programmes such as Interreg, Erasmus+, and Horizon. Each of these projects is an important step toward creating an innovative business environment and represents our commitment to continuous learning and development.

CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technological innovation

CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technology innovation

StressOut logo

StressOut - Modern Tools for Work-Related Stress Management

SPECTRA - Stimulating Performance of Ecosystems in Creative Territories and Regional Actors

ACCELERO - Accelerating Local Innovation Ecosystems in Europe

C-DISK - Certify DIgital Soft sKills

C-DISK - Certify DIgital Soft sKills

i-Coach project logo

i-Coach - Innovative Toolbox for Internship Implementation

Our location

BIC Inobridge is located in the central part of the city of Ruse, close to the main city attractions and convenient transport links.

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+359 (0)82 825 875
+359 (0)82 825 878
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