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The mission of BIC Innobridge is to support and implement initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation at all stages of development.

Our vision is to be a bridge between science and business, ideas and implementation, regions and partners.

Our values are:

  • We focus on creativity and innovation
  • We believe in sustainable development
  • We are dedicated to what we do
Milen Dobrev


BIC Innobridge: Leading innovation and supporting entrepreneurship

Business Innovation Centre Innobridge is a startup support organisation innovative business at local, regional, and national levels. The principle of operation of BIC Innobridge follows the methodology and the collective experience, applying the know-how of European network of business innovation centers (EBN – www.ebn.eu). As of now, this is the first and only official one accredited EU|BIC centre for Bulgaria.

The organisation's team is made up of highly qualified people experts with experience in management of projects under various programmes funded by EU, as Horizon 2020, Interreg VA 2014-2020, ERASMUS+, CBC Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, FP7 and others.

The organisation itself also leads its beginning as a successful implementation of European project, thanks to the presence of extensive experience, knowledge, and skills, numerous good practices, and a strong team. Today, the organisation deals with innovations and develops activities aimed at helping the business, such as training, seminars, consultations, and other personalized services, depending on the specific needs, especially of young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Meet our team

Meet the team of highly qualified professionals behind our successful initiatives. We offer knowledge, experience, and innovative approaches, driven by our willingness to support business development at a regional, national, and international level.

Milen Dobrev


Mr. Dobrev deals with the overall operational management of BIC Inobridge, as well as with the management of national and international projects in the field of regional development and economic cooperation, entrepreneurship, professional training for business, and sustainable development.

Assists and plays an active role in shaping local policy on economic development and investment promotion. Participates in councils and commissions for local and regional institutions.

Ayri Memishev

Project manager

Airi is a graduate of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse and as such he graduated in "European Studies and Global Studies". He likes to say it was one of the best choices he ever made. Prior to his appointment at BIC Innobridge, he had the opportunity to enjoy numerous trips, which he says took him to different continents and met different people, broadening his horizons. The main activity he does at BIC Innobridge is related to projects under the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. For him, the work is extremely varied and challenging, and because of the opportunities provided to him, he considers it a great privilege. Ayri is an amateur photographer and enjoys spending his free time with his loved ones.

Radimira Kireva


Radimira has been part of the team of BIC Inobridge since the association's inception. Actively participates in the activities of the organization for support and development of start-up innovative businesses in the region. She has experience in the management and implementation of projects under various programmes, mainly working on programmes for territorial cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship, support of innovative businesses, assistance to SMEs, human resources development, tourism, and cultural heritage, creative industries, and regional development. Participates in the development of various studies and business analyses. She also deals with the organization and coordination of different types of events - business delegations, training, conferences, seminars, investment, and B2B forums.

She holds a master's degree in Business Planning and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Stela Dionisieva


Actively works in the organisation since its creation in 2013. Participates in studies related to business development in the Ruse region. Thanks to her experience in the management and implementation of projects under various programmes funded by the European Union, she is involved in the creation and implementation of various project initiatives related to innovative businesses, the creative and cultural industry, tourism, digitalization, female and youth entrepreneurship, career orientation, etc.

Stela organises and supports the holding of training seminars and workshops with low-skilled youth to increase their key competencies in the field of economics and entrepreneurship, their language competencies, and transversal competencies and improve their suitability for employment. She has key skills and experience in organizing various events, B2B forums, and business missions for the business community located in the cross-border region between Romania and Bulgaria.

She holds a master's degree in Business Planning and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Irena Ivanova

Expert programmes and projects

Irena has been part of the BIC Inobridge team since 2017. As an expert in programmes and projects, over the years she has gained experience in the development, coordination, and implementation of European projects funded by the Erasmus+ programme in the field of mentoring, social entrepreneurship, joint cooperation, workplace stress management, etc.

Irena holds a master's degree in "European Studies and Public Administration" from the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse.

Nikolay Tsolev

Expert programmes and projects

Part of the BIC Innobridge team since 2018. His work is mainly related to the development and implementation of projects under the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes, with a focus on digital transformation, non-formal education, Industry 4.0, entrepreneurship and new technologies. Participates in the organization and implementation of various business initiatives, studies, seminars and focus groups with interested parties from Ruse and the region.
Bachelor of European Studies at the University of Rousse and Master of Political Science at the University of Veliko Tarnovo.

Lora Dimitrova


At the beginning of 2023, Lora joins after successfully completing her internship at BIC Innobridge. The activity she carries out in the organisation is related to the work on European projects under the Erasmus+ programme.

She holds a Cambridge English C1 Advanced certificate and continues her studies in the major "European and Global Studies" at the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse.

Desislava Dimitrova

Training organizer

Desislava Dimitrova has been part of the organisation's team since 2013. She has experience in conducting analyses, organizing events, promotional activities, and fairs, and also worked as a career consultant. Desislava has experience as a mentor and trainer (especially of youth and students) and has also developed curricula and training materials in the field of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, financial literacy, business modeling, etc. In 2021-2022, she is part of an international expert group for incubating social business ideas. And since 2016, it has taken a leading role in the planning and organisation of the regional editions of a number of pan-European initiatives such as the European Week of Professional Skills, the European Week of Entrepreneurship, and the European Night of Scientists.

Svetoslav Minchev

Training and development specialist

Svetoslav Minchev is a highly qualified professional with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of conventional and digital marketing. His professional experience has been gained during a career in strategically important sectors including information technology, telecommunications and finance, as well as as a freelance consultant.

At BIC Innobridge, Svetoslav has a key role in supporting start-up companies, organizing specialized seminars, and professional trainings. He is also responsible for the development and implementation of strategies for communication and dissemination of the results of projects financed by the European Union.

He holds a master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, as well as a number of certificates in the fields of digital marketing, email marketing and web development. Svetoslav is also an active participant in projects aimed at accelerating innovation ecosystems in Europe.

Plamena Mladenova


Plamena has been part of the BIC Inobridge team since the foundation of the organization. She deals with current accounting reporting, personnel and TOR, cash reporting, annual accounting closing, accounting reporting of projects financed by the European Union and Bulgarian programs.

Participates in committees on inventories and inspections of materially responsible persons. Researches the market situation and specifics in the economic conditions of the market. Performs comparative, SWOT and other types of analysis. Prepares information and opinions related to the implementation of projects. Participates in working groups on operational programs funded by the EU.

Our mission

Building bridges between innovation and success

At BIC Innobridge, we are dedicated to supporting and implementing initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our vision is to create bridges between ideas and action, science and business, and local and global partners. We combine creativity and innovation with sustainable development to strengthen the future of startups in Bulgaria and Europe.

The only accredited EU|BIC center in Bulgaria

BIC Inobridge is the only officially accredited EU|BIC center in Bulgaria, a member of the European Network of Business Innovation Centers (EBN). Through our team and proven methods, we offer consulting and training to support start-up businesses.

Strategic partnerships for innovation and start-up businesses in Bulgaria and Europe