C-DISK - Certify DIgital Soft sKills

C-DISK - Certify DIgital Soft sKills

ID: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000028010

Duration: November 1, 2021 – August 1, 2024

The project aims to promote and support the development of digital skills and competencies of students and workers involved in vocational education and training. It focuses on creating a competency model, a platform for self-assessment of skills and providing innovative training courses. The results of the project will contribute to reducing inconsistencies in the labor market and increasing the capacity of educational institutions.


  • To support the growth of the level of digital skills (both technological and soft skills/e-leadership) of students and workers involved in VET and continuous training processes.
  • Contribute to the reduction of the mismatch between demand and supply (skill shortage) of appropriate professionalism in the labor market.
  • Encourage formal recognition of the acquisition of digital skills to support work transition/mobility processes (WBL, intersectoral, territorial areas, between countries).
  • Increase the capacity of institutions of initial and continuing vocational training to design and deliver training courses for the development of digital skills of students and workers.

Project results:

  • RESULT 1
    MODEL OF COMPETENCES FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, that integrates 1) knowledge and know-how related to the conscious use of new digital technologies; 2) a wide range of interpersonal skills necessary to operate effectively in new contexts; 3) skills related to the concept of e-leadership, i.e. the ability to lead people and organizations in the changes taking place.
    This Result will have a total duration of 15 months (M2-M16)
  • RESULT 2
    SELF-ASSESSMENT SERVICE ON DIGITAL SKILLS (SELF ASSESSMENT PLATFORM), aimed at assessing the skills included in the model, available to students involved in VET and workers interested in retraining and updating processes (continuing education). For the former, the self-assessment will be an opportunity to acquire full awareness of their real level of preparation for a highly digitalized world of work; for the second will represent a solid reference to dimension in a realistic way their actual skills gap and be able to plan their professional development. The SAP C-DISK is innovative in that it is able to provide personalized feedback on all three areas of competence provided by the model (R1) – technological, soft skills, and e-leadership – on the basis of which to calibrate customized training paths based on the starting level.
    This Result will last 23 months (M10-M32).
  • RESULT 3
    PACKAGE OF INNOVATIVE TRAINING COURSES AIMED AT DEVELOPING DIGITAL SKILLS (BLENDED TRAINING TOOLKIT), each of which is accompanied by macro and micro design, teaching materials, and guidelines for teachers, declined in relation to the type of target (students and workers) and designed in a modular logic, in order to be designed flexibly on the basis of the needs of different users.
    CERTIFICATION SERVICE FOR ACQUIRED SKILLS, a process of final certification of acquired skills on the basis of learning outcomes and punctually defined measurement criteria, using the Open Badge System (innovative experimentation of the micro-credential system), which will constitute a sort of ‘license’ able to promote the mobility of workers in the labor market and facilitate the transition of students coming from VET courses towards the same.
    This Result will last 17 months (M16-M32).

Project Target:


Expected impact of the project:

For target subjects

  • Increase in digital skills (technological, transversal, and e-leadership).
  • Increased awareness of the relevance of their own self-development pathway.
  • Strengthening their employment potential and professional growth in the medium-long term.

At the local and regional level

  • Increase in digital culture (both in terms of ‘digital literacy’ and awareness of their relevance for entering and remaining in the labor market).
  • Concrete progress in the process of modernization of the vocational training system (initial and continuing).


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ECOLE – Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per L'education – Societa' Consortile a RL

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