1. Encouraging entrepreneurship

Carrying out activities and initiatives to support innovative entrepreneurship, the development of entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial spirit, improving the environment and pro-innovative infrastructure, as well as the prerequisites for starting a business.


2. ``Discovery`` of innovative projects and project initiators

Development of projects and initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable regional economic development; implementation of current European policies in the field and the region; launching initiatives in the fields of innovation, science, technology, research, entrepreneurship, the environment, sustainable environmental business and human capital development.

3. Improving the knowledge and quality of human resources

Assisting in the realization of the full potential of human resources through training and seminars to improve skills, knowledge and skills. Providing assistance related to career development and increasing the competitiveness of human capital.


4. Mediation between start-up and existing companies and investors

Organization of cooperation networks, mechanisms and systems for partnership in support of start-ups and existing enterprises; acquaintance with consultants, business angels, investors, research units and specialists, as well as organizations and institutions working in the field of innovation.

5. Promoting the principles of the green economy and green thinking

Contributing to the development of a green economy, implementing approaches to the sustainable use of natural resources, green public procurement, smart waste management, sustainable use of resources, sustainable consumption and production; encourages the implementation of successful environmental practices in business, as well as initiatives related to the implementation of corporate social responsibility.


6. Transfer and market realization of innovations

Supports the process of innovation transfer, valuation, registration and protection of intellectual property. Assists in the exchange of good innovative practices, improving the interaction between science and business, funding the research process and innovative developments until their actual realization on the market.