Programs for blended learning on the CreatINNES project

Business Innovation Center “Innobridge” is developing two innovative training programs under the CreatINNES project. The Entrepreneurship for Freelancers and Start-ups in the Creative and Cultural Industries programme is aimed at creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and start-up owners. It covers 8 modules that include topics such as generating ideas,  developing a project and business plan, obtaining venture…

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Русенски бизнес иновационен център по стъпките на водещите в Европа

Ruse Business Innovation Centre following in the footsteps of Europe’s leaders

The Business Innovation Centre “Innobridge”, established by the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shows very good ratings in the annual evaluation report of its activities for 2019. The report was prepared by the European Business and Innovation Network (EBN), an organisation comprising 140 business innovation centres and over 40 other organisations, of which Innobridge…

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Seminar-discussion will present interesting cultural and creative topics from Bulgaria

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Business Innovation Centre “Innobridge” organizes a seminar on “Culture and creativity in Europe – heritage and perspective”. It is organised within the framework of the Erasmus+ funded CreatINNES project, which aims to support creative and creative industries. The event will be attended by speakers from different…

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