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KIDS - An unique travelling concept in the RO-BG area for children and their families

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KIDS - A unique traveling concept in the RO-BG area for children and their families


Duration: 29 June, 2018 – 28 June, 2021

The project aims to develop three tourist packages, including sites and sights from the cross-border Romanian-Bulgarian area. The main group of users targeted at families are children and their specific needs in the organization of their family trips. The established activities are aimed at popularizing and increasing the value of the natural and cultural heritage of the cross-border region. The innovative tourism products that this project will create are: 4 festivals for children and their families and 3 interactive routes, for children and their families, which promote tourist attractions and activities in the cross-border region, divided into three groups - sports and entertainment, cultural- historical sights, natural sights. The routes will be included in a mobile application that will present all the tourist values of the cross-border region in a fun and relevant way.

Within the framework of the project, a Plan for management and raising awareness of the common cultural, historical and natural heritage in the cross-border Bulgarian-Romanian region has been developed. The document can be viewed here:


"Centrul de Consultanță si Management al Proiectelor" EUROPROJECT (CCMP EUROPROJECT)

Centrul de Consultanță si Management al Proiectelor EUROPROJECT (CCMP EUROPROJECT)

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