Reducing inequalities, ensuring economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth with focus on co-creation for growth and inclusion, by engaging citizens, social partners, public authorities, businesses including SMEs, and social entrepreneurs, are key for the future of Europe.

SAGA aims to contribute to reducing inequalities, ensure economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth through a co-creation and collaborative focus, engaging all relevant stakeholders, develop and validate a training programme for populations living in “Empty Europe”, but who at the same time have a rich culinary heritage and/or food production. SAGA develops and evaluates an innovative training programme for those living in these types of rural areas, addressing their pressing issues such as unemployment and economic and social revitalization, giving them the knowledge, competences and skills to develop social enterprises in gastronomic, food and culinary heritage fields. More specifically is targeted to:

– (Potential) Individual social entrepreneurs belonging to disadvantaged groups (due to social, economic or geographical disadvantages);

– (Potential) Individual entrepreneurs from the food, gastronomic and culinary heritage sector who want to align their business idea to the social challenges identified.

Special attention and effort will be made to address women of these areas (directly or through the NGOS), as they are underrepresented in the employment or economic activity rates, have higher levels of unemployment and frequently have additional labor market barriers due to their caretaking role (e.g., for young children or elderly family members).

The establishment of (collaborative) social enterprises provides an opportunity for professional and economic development. Through the use of action learning and e-learning methodologies on co-creation and entrepreneurship skills, SAGA, enhances the skills needed for the creation of socially innovative and impactful, collaborative social enterprises. The focus of the programme is on co-creation, co-sharing and co-operation as basis for survival of the envisaged enterprise, as well as on the particularities related to the ideation, creation and running of a social enterprise (such as social value creation and social impact measurement skills), within the specific field of gastronomy and food production/elaboration.

Leading partner: Southern Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency (HU)


1.           EOLAS (ES)

2.           Business Innovation Center Innobridge (BG)

3.           Stichting Incubator (NL)

4.           Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum (RO)

5.           Kontakt Szervezetfejleszto es Tanacsado (HU)  

Project duration: 24 months

Project start: 01.10.2020