За проекта

The project aims to improve the promotion and valorization of the natural and cultural heritage from the cross-border area through offering children and their families an unique travelling concept in the RO-BG cross-border area: Family Fun Festival and 3 guided tours designed especially for children and their families promoting the tourism attractions and activities in the cross-border area – Fun and Sports Tour, Cultural Tour, Natural Landscapes Tour. The project thus contributes to tourism diversification by introducing 4 new tourism products, leading to an increased number of overnights in the region.

The main outputs of the project include:

–             Development of a management plan for raising awareness and promoting the common RO-BG cultural and natural heritage targeting children and their families.

–             Development of a mobile application that will contain an inventory of the main touristic attractions for families with children.

–             Development of a travel-kit especially designed for children

–             Organization of 25 events in schools throughout the cross-border area during which the products of the project – the Family Fun Festivals, the 3 self-guided tours and the mobile application – will be presented to the children and their parents.

–             Organization of 4 Family fun festivals which will include tournaments, painting, crafts, poetry, music, arts and traditions, food from cross-border area.

Within the project, a Management plan for raising awareness and promoting the common RO-BG cultural and natural heritage was developed. The document can be found here.

The project is developed by a Bulgarian – Romanian consortium, consisting of 3 partners.

Leading partner: Europroject Consultation and Management Centre (Romania);


  1. Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria);
  2. Business Innovation Center Innobridge – Ruse (Bulgaria);

Project duration: 18 months

Project start date: 29 June 2018