The general objective of the ENGINE project is to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs giving them the skills they need to defend themselves against cyber-attacks and boosting blockchain tech use in SMEs.

ENGINE project aims at building an innovative training course tailor made to the needs of employees and entrepreneurs in SMEs. The methodology and content of the training that aims at providing a comprehensive set of ICT skills required to be aware of the possible dangers link to cyberattacks in the digital area and to build the cybersecurity workforce necessary in a networked world.

Among the expected results are:

Creation of training materials on cybersecurity for SMEs employees and entrepreneurs

E-learning interactive platform and training course for SMEs employees and entrepreneurs on cybersecurity

Improved competences of VET providers and VET trainers on the subject of cybersecurity

Increased knowledge among VET providers and VET trainers on cyber security tools and innovations

Result 3.2: Increase knowledge among entrepreneurs and employees on cyber security, which they will be able to use it within the SMEs

Target groups: SMEs entrepreneurs (employees, business owners, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs) VET providers and trainers

Leading partner: The Danish-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark (DK)


1.           Cooperation bancaire pour l’Europe (BE)

2.           The Hive (IT)

3.           Fondazione Luigi Clerici (IT)

4.           Atlantis Engineering (GR)

5.           Technical University of Denmark (DK)

6.           Business Innovation Center Innobridge (BG)

Project duration: 24 months

Project start: 2020-11-02