Large Scale RISKs

INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

The main idea of the project is the concept that the precondition for risk management strategies is to build a comprehensive understanding of existing vulnerabilities, hazards and potential calculated risks. This is one of the legacies of the Communist era – both in Bulgaria and Romania – that important large-scale infrastructure goals / LSI are treated in strict secrecy, without taking into account the comprehensive influence of awareness needs on the population, which is located in a region with such structures. The main identified problem that the project treats is the risk factor itself. Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the context and functioning of LSI in the ro-bg cross-border region.

Leading partner: National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering “Horia Hulubei” – Bucharest, Romania


  1. Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation, Romania;
  2. Inobridge Business Innovation Center – Ruse, Bulgaria;
  3. Angel Kanchev University of Rousse, Bulgaria

Duration: 24 months

The project started on: 03.02.2016