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NEST Berlin


NEST Berlin

NEST Berlin is a non-governmental organization founded in 2016 by four leading NGOs in the field: Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO), The Comparative Research Network (CRN), InterCultural-Youth-Dialogue-Association (IYDA) and Mitosis Coworking Space. With its establishment, NEST Berlin brings together years of experience in social innovation, European project management, transnational mobility, international cooperation and education, with a particular focus on the non-formal education (NFE) sector, to contribute to social change.

To date, the organisation's ambitions have made NEST a partner and coordinator in more than 30 Erasmus+ KA2 projects covering different areas such as youth, vocational education and training (VET), adult education and sport. The themes on which NEST works include the integration of migrants, community building, intercultural dialogue, education through sport, social inclusion and gender equality.

In addition, NEST Berlin actively engages with issues of inclusivity and disability, the future of the urban environment, sustainability and gentrification. Through its work, the organization strives to develop innovative approaches to solving social problems and creating a more just and inclusive society. NEST Berlin is an example of how collaboration between different NGOs can generate significant social impact and support community development through education and social engagement.


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