Luxembourg Creative Lab

Luxembourg Creative Lab

Luxembourg Creative Lab (LCL) is a non-governmental association located in the picturesque Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With its mission to promote positive change through creativity, design of sustainable solutions, entrepreneurship and technology, LCL embodies the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The knowledge and experience gathered over the years allow the organization to develop and implement innovative solutions to contemporary social challenges.

By creating an ecosystem where creativity thrives and solves the most pressing problems of our time, LCL is laying the foundations for a cohesive European community with zero inequality, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions. The organization is committed to the development of high-quality digital training programs in the field of creative entrepreneurship and the promotion of inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace.

In addition, Luxembourg Creative Lab works actively to limit climate change by offering educational training and raising awareness on reducing the negative impact of climate change in Europe. In collaboration with various European universities, one of the organization's main goals is to help the academic community strengthen ties with various stakeholders and thus allow students to acquire state-of-the-art entrepreneurial skills.


CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technological innovation

CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technology innovation