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EURO-NET is an association involved in European programs and international partnerships, offering a wide range of services to children, youth and adults. The organization functions as an information center and develops projects, organizes training courses, cultural, artistic and sports exchanges and activities, conducts sector studies and research, and provides consultancy, crisis support and prevention. EURO-NET is committed to e-learning, networking and partnerships, as well as the publication of information materials, magazines and websites.

With its participation in many European networks, EURO-NET develops community projects and has considerable experience in European initiatives, offering information and education services in accordance with the information offices of the European Commission. The main goal of the association is to engage young people and adults in the construction of a more solidary and closer to citizens Europe, with special attention to persons who experience difficulties in participating in community programs.

EURO-NET seeks to involve disadvantaged young people and adults, originating from urban or rural areas, people with disabilities, persons on the verge of social exclusion or those who can be considered excluded, in building their future prospects. This includes the provision of easily accessible information and, if necessary, the introduction of specific support measures aimed at overcoming potential difficulties for integration into society.


CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technological innovation

CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technology innovation