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AMBIT Cluster


AMBIT Cluster

AMBIT Cluster is an environment where professionals and companies from the field of living space and contract services come together to share experiences and work together on the development of activities and projects. Bringing together over 150 companies, the cluster represents the entire value chain, from raw and semi-finished manufacturers to manufacturers of various home products, including furniture, flooring, wall tiles, lighting, home textiles, home automation, etc., as well as wholesale distributors and small. The AMBIT ecosystem also includes knowledge providers such as technology companies, universities and technology centers that contribute to the enrichment of the sector with innovation and innovative approaches.

In its efforts to help companies adapt to change, AMBIT develops a variety of activities, such as market analyses, innovation and training projects. The organization promotes the creation of learning environments through conferences and workshops and provides sharing spaces such as meet&share where professionals can easily meet and work together. AMBIT is the initiator of over 100 activities a year, including the organization of interihotel – the leading contract hospitality event in Europe, and the management of two own showrooms that serve as collaborative spaces for partner companies.

As a non-governmental organization founded in 2006, AMBIT Cluster is dedicated to innovation in the areas of digitization, circular economy and shared value, leading numerous projects with the participation of companies and public funding. It analyzes and prepares specialized content for the needs of technicians in companies, thereby contributing to the development of the skills required for the modern labor market. With its projects and initiatives, AMBIT Cluster remains a key player in driving growth and innovation in the residential and contract services sector.


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CRAFT3D - Enhancing traditional craft practices though 3D printing and technology innovation