Third C-Disk Project Bulletin

Explore the full spectrum of digital competencies with C-DISK's Self-Assessment Platform (SAP).

We are pleased to share a key moment in our journey towards promoting digital literacy and readiness – the C-DISK Self-Assessment Platform (SAP). Developed by a consortium of 7 European partners, this platform is a cornerstone in our joint efforts to enable people and organizations to navigate the digital age.

Key highlights of C-DISK SAP:

  • Broad range of competences: The platform covers basic digital skills, including basic concepts in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), principles of digital security and use of appropriate software, as well as soft skills such as self-assessment and self-development, and advanced e- leadership. This holistic approach ensures that users can not only assess but also develop a wide range of skills required for the digital age.
  • Scenario-based self-assessment: Through carefully designed scenarios and questions, SAP offers specific and reflective learning. Users can assess their competencies in real-world settings, allowing for a deeper understanding of their skills and areas for improvement.
  • Multilingual Feedback: Understanding the global nature of digital transformation, SAP provides feedback in multiple languages, ensuring comprehensiveness and accessibility for users across geographies.
  • Open source and free access: In line with our commitment to inclusiveness and lifelong learning, SAP will be free to use. This open access model encourages widespread use and fosters an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

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