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CreaTech Bulgaria

Created in 2021, CreaTech Bulgaria is established as the first cluster of cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Bulgaria. The organization is dedicated to increasing the level of cooperation and innovation capacity of local professionals in these fields, as well as to the development of small and medium enterprises and other organizations in the creative sector. The work of the cluster is aimed at creating a sustainable ecosystem that will help the development of creative industries in Bulgaria.

Located in the heart of Sofia, in the "createch" hub MISSIA23, CreaTech Bulgaria deals with solving key problems in the Bulgarian creative industries, such as the lack of a common vision, the need for a higher integration of technology in the creative processes and the insufficient understanding of local creatives industries. The organization identifies common needs and strives to build a common vision and highlight opportunities for collaboration.

The cluster offers a variety of services, including access to a cross-sector CCI network, CCI ecosystem creation and collaboration support, innovation infrastructure for creatives, organizing networking events and assistance in finding key partners. In addition, CreaTech Bulgaria actively works to promote dialogue with public bodies to support and develop local creative industries. Their strategy "Produce locally, sell globally" emphasizes the ambition to expand the boundaries of Bulgarian creativity and innovation on a global scale. CreaTech Bulgaria not only provides a platform for joint work and development, but also acts as a catalyst for change and innovation in the cultural and creative industries sector in the country.