Free online training course on 3D printing and modeling technologies

Free online training course on 3D printing and modeling technologies

Are you interested in 3D printing technologies, digital design, modeling and trying to implement all this in one of the craft areas?

If the answer to these questions is yes, or simply your sense of curiosity gets the better of you, then Innobridge Business Innovation Center is pleased to invite you to join the free training on 3D printing and modeling technologies organized within a project CRAFT 4.0.

Format: Training will take place entirely online through the project's dedicated training platform, accessible after registration. The training allows the participants to determine the time they will invest in the training platform themselves, without the need to go through certain steps or knowledge verification. Instead, they will be left to choose the topics that interest them and emphasize what they think is most useful for themselves.

Content: The idea of the training is to introduce the participants to the world of 3D printing technologies, 3D printers and digital design, while also touching on important topics such as how to take advantage of this type of technology if we work in the field of creative industries and crafts, as well and the topic of responsible use of these technologies. The training is composed of the following six modules:

  • Module 1. Digital technologies in the field of crafts
  • Module 2. Digital design
  • Module 3. How to turn your digital ideas into physical products
  • Module 4. Digital crafts and my field of activity
  • Module 5. The future of crafts
  • Module 6. Case studies

The modules contain both video explanations and presentations on the topics in question with supporting case studies from real environments.

Access: The training is completely free, but pre-registration is required, which takes place after filling out the following form:  

Duration: Registration of participants will continue until November 5, 2021. inclusive. The pilot training will officially start on November 8, 2021. and everyone who expressed a desire to participate will receive an email with confirmation and registration data on the platform providing access to it.

For more information on the CRAFT 4.0 project pilot training or other project-related questions, please contact Airi Memishev by email or phone 082825875.

Similar pilot trainings are launched as part of the planned CRAFT 4.0 activities, in all countries of the participating project partners (Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, and Sweden). The purpose of this activity is to start the active distribution of the training materials.

The end of the project will occur at the end of next month, and for this purpose, before that, a multiplier event is planned to be held, aiming to inform the stakeholders of the project as well as the general public about the achievements and results of the project as a whole.

We invite you to follow the news section to be informed about this upcoming event, as well as to visit the official website of the project at in case you are not familiar with it.

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