The major objective of this project is to develop a Training Tool to allow European Micro Enterprises (MEs) to take up the Digital Transformation. The focus will be mainly on social media, big data, mobile and cloud solutions, in order to facilitate the acquisition of e-leadership skills by staff of micro enterprises in Europe.

The project aims to address the VET priority aimed to enhance access to training through Continuous VET, by increasing the quality, supply and accessibility of C-VET. The target group for DiTEM is adults working as managers, business executives and staff of small enterprises who are not engaged in any formal education pathway (e.g. school, university), but recognise they will benefit from participating in high quality life-long learning to enable them to update their skills in-line with trends in the labour market and technology.

DiTEM will contribute to the development of Digital Entrepreneurship across the EU by facilitating the development and acquisition of e-leadership skills in MEs. It will result in the development of an innovative learning path for entrepreneurs and managers of MEs to embrace and implement the Digital Transformation. The core target group, entrepreneurs, managers and business executives of existing MEs, will be better placed to improve the competitiveness of their own enterprise as well as playing a part in contributing a more competitive European economy.

The project also addresses the Horizontal priority of Open and Innovative Education embedded in the digital era.

DiTEM is developed by 7 partners from 6 European countries – UK, Italy, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria and Denmark.

Leading partner: The Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)


  1. Eurocrea Merchant (IT)
  2. CrystalClearSoft (GR)
  3. Turku University Of Applied Sciences (FI)
  4. BIC Innobridge (BG)
  5. Exponential Training & Assessment Limited (UK)
  6. it-forum (DK)

Project duration: 36 months

Project start date: 1 September 2016