INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

The project aims to improve some of the situations identified as problems within the programming documents for INTERREG V-A RO-BG, namely the “deficits in creative industries”, the “brain drain of young and creative talents”, the “insufficiently explored and recognized potential of creative industries for the economy and the competitiveness of the region” and the „lack of cross border mobility for goods and persons”.

Some of the concrete and realistic objectives include:

1. Improving the knowledge base on creative and cultural industries (CCIs), as well as labour mobility barriers in the CBC area

2. Developing the skills and knowledge of participants from the CBC area working in the CCIs in order to increase their chances for work mobility.

3. Supporting professionals from CBC area, working in CCIs, to develop their cross-border experience.

4. Increase the level of awareness of citizens on the employment and labour mobility opportunities in cross-border CCIs through job fairs and visits.

5. Encouraging the youth employment for students in CCIs from the CBC area.

6. Increase the level of information of 22.000 citizens on the employment and labour mobility in cross-border CCIs through an intensive information campaign.

During the project implementation, 22.758 people will have access to joint employment initiatives, representing a contribution of 4,55 % to the result indicator, greater than the 4,12 % contribution to the financial indicator.

The project is developed by a Bulgarian – Romanian consortium, consisting of 3 partners.

Leading partner:  Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation, Romania


  1. Forever for Europe Association (FEA) (Romania);
  2. Business Innovation Center Innobridge – Ruse, Bulgaria;

Project duration: 24 months

Project start date: 3 February 2016