The CreateINNES project aims to develop an innovative training online programme based on combination of special seminars combined with co-creation sessions that will turn the European creative economy placements into a learning environment for entrepreneurial skills in CCI sector and specifically in visual communication sector.

Creative industry is based on individual creativity, skills and talent with the potential to create wealth and jobs through generating value from intellectual property. Regarding its interdisciplinary character and deep penetration into business, the Visual Communication takes a significant part of the Creative industry.

Visual Communication gets more and more important in the business processes, in the product and service design activities, in the value-chains from production to customer. Innovative solutions, created on the basis of visual communication, are applicable in all sectors of the economy such as healthcare, wellbeing, tourism and many others. Therefore, the project aims to develop multicultural and interdisciplinary community that will cooperate to identify needs for future applications of visual communication solutions in areas such as healthcare, wellbeing and cultural tourism. It will support and disseminate widely into the practice the project outcomes.

Leading Partner: INI-Novation (DE)


  1. BIC Innobridge (BG)
  2. Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation Skopje (MK)
  4. Teleberry Kft (HU)
  5. Alanam (FR)

Project duration: 36 months

Project start date: 01.09.2018