Craft 4.0

За проекта

The project aims to support development of this crucially important sector through the provision of training in the area of digital modelling and digital/ additive manufacturing. The nature of this project is inherently innovative because it seeks to support the development of the craft sector by exploiting opportunities and embracing challenges offered by recent advances in technology, particularly in the area of digital modelling and digital/ additive manufacturing. The new tools, resources and skills offered by the project will give craft entrepreneurs the opportunity to create new paradigms for the craft sector. Thus, the Craft 4.0 seeks to develop:

– AN ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM aimed at the Arts & Craft sector in the area of Digital Modelling, Digital Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the project will create a network that encourages peer to peer learning and interaction and that acts not only as a resource and community for craftspeople internationally but as a way to present the work of individual craftspeople in a wider context.

– A CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE FRAMEWORK FOR TRAINING DEVELOPMENT with clear learning outcomes and objectives, which offers the potential for further development, customisation and adaptation.

– A MECHANISM TO RAISE AWARENESS WITHIN SECTOR OF THE POTENTIAL OF DIGITAL MODELLING AND DIGITAL/ ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, and to communicate the possibilities these technologies present and how they can be applied in the development, commercialization, showcasing and marketing of craft products and skills.

The CRAFT 4.0 project involves 7 partners from 7 European countries: Ireland, Spain, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Партньорски консорциум:



  1. Dublin Institute of Technology (IE)
  2. CENFIM (ES)
  3. ADR Nord-Est (RO)
  4. European Digital Learning Network (IT)
  5. BIC Innobridge (BG)
  6. Maelardalens Hoegskola (SE)
  7. Civic Computing (UK)

Project duration: 26 months

Project start date: 1 November 2018