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Unleashing the Innovation Potential: Collaboration, Synergies and Investment Opportunities in the Digital Age

On 06/25/2024, an online forum brought together the SPECTRA and ACCELERO communities to exchange ideas and new business opportunities. The digital world offers unprecedented opportunities for innovation and business collaboration. This is what the ACCELERO and SPECTRA project ecosystems focus on, which promote contacts and knowledge exchange.

Over 30 startups, investors, business support organizations and professionals participated in the virtual forum "Innovation Without Borders: Building Stronger Ecosystems Through Collaboration" organized by BIC Innobridge. The event highlighted key initiatives within ACCELERO and SPECTRA, highlighting co-benefits, clustering and the Quadruple Helix model to support creative and creative industries. Here are some of the most significant initiatives presented at the webinar with direct benefits to creative ecosystems:

The EuroQuity platform: The shortcut between innovation and investment

EuroQuity is a powerful business collaboration platform actively used within the ACCELERO project. Imagine a space where promising startups can connect directly with potential investors and business support organizations to accelerate their growth. This is exactly what Euroquity offers. An important feature of the platform is its geographical focus, aiming at cooperation between European and African ecosystems. EuroQuity operates through ongoing partnerships with European Commission projects and key international public and private organizations.

During the innovation forum, the SPECTRA and ACCELERO communities learned about the main functionalities and tools for prospecting and making strategic contacts. This collaborative approach enables connecting promising startups with the resources they need to thrive.

SPECTRA Investment Sprint & Pitch: driving growth in the creative industries

The SPECTRA project, another key initiative, focuses on start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative industries. SPECTRA takes into account the difficulties faced by the creative industries and its main goal is to encourage cooperation between emerging and moderately developed regional ecosystems, which will help to overcome many of the challenges.

The initiative connects these regions, and the activities in the project support the development of joint solutions, which, in turn, will lead to the achievement of common national and European goals. The SPECTRA Investment Sprint & Pitch program, which aims to build stronger creative communities, plays a key role in this. It provides creative startups and SMEs with the tools they need to secure funding and achieve sustainable growth.

Participants receive expert training, mentoring and training seminars to optimize their business models, refine their presentations and valuable feedback from experienced investors. This provides a key advantage, as by identifying their strengths and weaknesses in their performance, they multiply their chances of success and securing funding.

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SPECTRA Strategic Plan for Gender Equality:
Empowering women entrepreneurs in the creative industries

Cooperation for a better future

Interactions between platforms such as EuroQuity and initiatives similar to SPECTRA and ACCELERO are essential to strengthen the capacity and opportunities to support the creative industries. By thus expanding the scope of impact, a wide range of talent and ideas, across the spectrum of creative industries, can benefit from more effective problem solving and better tackling of challenges. Supporting and stimulating creative and creative industries is an investment in the future of European countries. They are a key factor for economic growth, cultural diversity and increasing competitiveness.

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