BIC Innobridge held a useful webinar on Ethical Artificial Intelligence

BIC Innobridge held a useful webinar on Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Innobridge Business Innovation Center organized an interesting webinar titled "EU AI Act: A Framework for Ethical AI, Creativity and Business Success." On 13/06/2024, within 1 hour, the event attracted over 22 participants. The audience included diverse representatives: professionals from the creative industries, the business sector as well as the community partners of the SPECTRA project.

The event started with a short introduction by the SPECTRA Project Coordinator, Ms Helena Dean, representative of lead partner Western Development Commission, Ireland. She clearly outlined the importance of such events to provide a little more information about the new European legislation related to the use of artificial intelligence. After the introduction, the floor was given to two highly qualified speakers: Ms. Ginka Hristova and Mr. Slavi Tankein, lawyers and specialists in the field of implementation of the new legal standards for AI and founders of the International Legal Advice Center.

Ms. Hristova immersed us in the essence of the new European legislation on artificial intelligence, exploring its main objectives and its potential impact on the creative and cultural industries. The presentation took the audience through topics such as “Principles of Trusted AI”; "Automated individual decision-making, including profiling"; "Legal Definition of AI"; "Key Issues AI Regulations Try to Address"; "AI and intellectual property" and others.

The topics and clarifications proved extremely valuable to participants who wanted to understand how and if this new legislation would impact their business.

Mr. Slavi Tankein shifted the focus to the technical aspects of AI, highlighting the growing importance of cybersecurity, privacy protection, and the dangers that may lie in the widespread use of AI. The explanations and advice he shared with the participants gave them a more practical understanding of how to navigate the technical landscape of AI development in a safe and responsible way.

The webinar was an important part of the ongoing activities of the EISMEA-funded SPECTRA project "Stimulating the performance of regional ecosystems in the creative and creative industries" under the Horizon Europe programme. By delving deeper into various topics related to the development of creative and cultural ecosystems, the project stimulates innovation and enables participants to navigate the evolving subject of AI, particularly in this sector. The strong attendance and positive feedback from the webinar demonstrates the growing interest in understanding the implications of AI-related legislation. As AI continues to play an increasingly visible role in the creative and cultural industries, initiatives like this will become increasingly important to promote ethical and responsible practices.

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